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Welcome to our treasure trove of resources, curated with precision and purpose. Whether you're an educator, parent, professional, or a curious soul, our collection offers actionable insights to nurture strengths, amplify potentials, and champion brilliance. Dive in, discover, and let these tools illuminate your path to empowerment and growth. Your transformative journey starts here.


From the budding curiosity of elementary students to the honed aspirations of high schoolers, these strength surveys offer educators an immediate window into their students' unique strengths and interests. Comprising elementary, middle, and high school versions, each survey is concise and user-friendly. Integrate them into your teaching process to foster deeper connections, nurture individuality, and set the stage for enhanced classroom dynamics. Dive in to illuminate the diverse strengths within your students.

Youth strength survey elementary school middle school high school
Strength-Based Collective Briefs


A curated collection of actionable insights designed to empower educators, parents, and mental health professionals. Rooted in strength-based practices, each brief offers practical steps and tips to nurture and harness the unique strengths of youth. Dive in to transform learning experiences, foster resilience, and champion individual brilliance. New briefs added regularly!

 interview protocols

A series of age-specific interview guides from preschool to high school, each enriched with 10 questions emphasizing strengths and interests. This tool was crafted for mental health experts but equally invaluable for parents and adults. Engage with youth, unearth their strengths, foster meaningful discussions, and champion their unique potentials.

SB Interview Protocols.png
Strengths blueprint use your strengths

strengths blueprint

Dive into our comprehensive guide designed to help adults seamlessly Name, Know, and Use their strengths. Navigate your personal and professional life with renewed clarity and purpose. Equip yourself with the tools to identify your unique strengths, understand them deeply, and apply them effectively. Embark on a transformative journey to amplify your potential and drive. Dive in to harness the power within you.


Dive into a captivating journey tailored for 7-10-year-olds! This workbook, part of the Strength-Based Discovery Series, offers a blend of fun activities and exercises to unveil children's unique strengths and passions. Nurturing self-awareness, boosting confidence, and fostering a love for learning, this workbook is perfect for parents, educators, and guardians aiming to cultivate a positive self-image in young minds.

my-strength based workbook for 7-10 year old students
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