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From the vibrant curiosity of elementary students to the defining aspirations of high schoolers, every educational phase offers a unique set of strengths. This bundled pack provides educators with tools tailored to each stage, ensuring a holistic understanding of student dynamics across all grades. Designed for streamlined use, these surveys are foundational for educators committed to recognizing and nurturing the diverse strengths present in their classrooms. Save $2.99 by purchasing the bundle!


What's Included:

  • Format: Bundle of three downloadable 2-page PDFs: elementary, middle school, and high school tailored versions.
  • Questions: Each survey contains 12 distinct questions, utilizing a blend of multiple choice and short answer formats.
  • Purpose: A comprehensive toolset for educators to grasp the strengths and interests of students across all educational phases.
  • Use: Keeping the educator's convenience in mind, each survey can be easily distributed and completed within a 30-minute timeframe.

Youth Strength Survey: Bundle Pack

SKU: 0103
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