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The Character Strengths Safari Coloring Book is a digital tool crafted to foster character development in children through interactive learning. This unique resource, ideal for educators, parents, and mental health professionals, combines the art of coloring with character education, providing a hands-on approach to exploring and understanding character strengths. 


For Educators: The coloring pages serve as a medium for students to reflect on their strengths, while the included lesson plan offers structured activities to facilitate meaningful classroom discussions.


For Parents: Through coloring and conversation, you can guide your child in a journey of self-discovery, helping them to articulate and appreciate their unique qualities and how they navigate their world.


For Mental Health Professionals:  The act of coloring coupled with the discussion of character strengths can support emotional expression, self-awareness, and resilience in a therapeutic setting.


What's Included?

  • 49 Printable Coloring Pages.
    • 24 coloring pages featuring various animals (e.g., Curious Cat, Energetic Elephant, Leader Lion) illustrating a VIA character strength
    • 24 coloring pages highlighting three adjectives associated with each character strength - designed to support vocabulary development too!
    • 1 bonus Character Strength Safari coloring page
  • Strengths Dictionary. Child-friendly definitions for each of the 24 character strengths. Here's a glimpse into some of the defined strengths:
    • Brave Bear (Bravery): Being courageous and facing challenges even when you feel scared
    • Kind Koala (Kindness): Being friendly and caring towards others
    • Persistent Panther (Perseverance): Keeping on trying, even when things get tough
  • Conversation Starters. Engage children in meaningful discussions with guided questions that explore how they see these strengths in themselves and others.
  • Sample Lesson Plan. An example lesson plan for teachers to incorporate this into the cclassroom.


Whether in a classroom setting, at home, or in a counseling session, this tool is designed to support the development of well-rounded, self-aware, and resilient children. Download today and print as needed to start exploring and developing character strengths right away!

Character Strengths Safari Coloring Book

SKU: 0107
  • This is a digital tool, available for instant download and designed for easy printing

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